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M251a - Chartered Bank 1921 Pair

M251a - Chartered Bank 1921 Pair

A later version of M217 in a slightly larger size (that is 508 x 634 mm rather than 481 x 559mm). The crest has been changed and the full name of the bank is now used.

“The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China (or simply The Chartered Bank) was a bank founded in London in 1851/1853 by Scotsman James Wilson following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. It opened its first branches in 1858 in Calcutta and Bombay and then Shanghai.” Wikipedia. “90 Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China, certificate for 1 share, 185(4), scrollwork at left, black, embossed seal, printed by Waterlow & Sons, VF. Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1853, changed its name to Chartered Bank in 1956. Following a few acquisitions it was renamed Standard and Chartered in 1970 when merged with the Standard Bank of South Africa.” From

Made by E Amies & Son 7/1921

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