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Former owner of the historic Hayle Mill, Maidstone


Sixth generation papermaker whose family operated Hayle Mill since 1812. BSc in Paper Science at the University of Manchester. Before joining the family business in 1968, worked in other paper mills in England (2) France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Worked at Whatman's famous Springfield Mill, Maidstone 1972-1974 before re-establishing Hayle Mill as the leading handmade papermill in the western world. Specialised in papers for conservation, fine printing and printmaking and watercolour painting. Travelled extensively in Europe, North America and the Far East to meet customers and give presentations and workshops Carried out papermaking consultancy work in India, the Philippines, Bhutan and Kenya. Chairman of the Institute of Paper Conservation 1988-1993. Started Groundwork Kent & Medway, an environment charity, and ran it 1995-2009. Established business and charity consultancy in 2010. Has the largest papermaking archive collection in the UK and the finest papermaking mould collection in the world.


Papermaking, watermarks, paper history, alternative fibres, conservation and the environment